Apache_smile[1]Animal Nutrition Solutions is a family owned and operated business. We have, or know, the same dogs and horses that you have: picky eaters, food allergies, medical issues that require special diets, the list goes on…  Our supplements were originally created for our own dogs and horses, to give the nutrition lacking in commercial-based dog food and the necessary mineral supplementation lacking in hay-based diets for our horses. Both nutrition and education are extremely important to us, not only for our own pets’ sake, but for the sake of our client’s pets. Therefore, we use independent laboratories to frequently and rigorously test our products to ensure accurate labeling on our part. We offer nutritional consulting for our clients, as well as for the clients of our participating veterinarians.

Heather Zorn is a certified animal nutritionist, with an animal sciences education background and a Master’s degree in Equine Science. She works with both canine and equine clients across the U.S., from the West Coast to the East Coast. Heather is highly involved in consulting for both performance and show horses, as well as horses suffering from Insulin Resistance and Cushing’s. Her canine clients range from agility, AKC champions, service dogs, and many family companions.

She owns and personally operates a licensed Equine Retirement Ranch in New Mexico and does extensive rehabilitation, lay-ups for performance horses, and founder recovery with incredible success, all based on the building blocks of patience, care, and a nutritional foundation. Heather is an active speaker in the community, regularly requested to speak and educate consumers, dog and horse owners, farriers, and even veterinarians.

Animal Nutrition Solutions emphasizes client education over all else. It is our goal to have you understand the reason for our recommendations, achieving the best health for your animals, as well as ensuring that our clients become educated consumers to make good choices when purchasing animal feed and supplements. Since we are a private, independently owned company we are not limited in our recommendations and suggestions by name brands and preferred dealers. We are not compensated by any company, instead we work for you! Your pet’s best health is our top priority.

Resized_Sabre_Showtime2Animal Nutrition Solutions works primarily by referral basis, from both large and small animal veterinarian referrals, to farriers and clinicians and pet owners. Our rates are kept low to ensure that we are able to help the widest range of owners and animals possible. Consulting services for both horse and dog nutrition are available to our clients.