By Heather Zorn P.A.S

Well not exactly apples. The colloquialism was used to explain how good diets and keeping healthy keeps us out of the doctor’s office. The theory is sound and even more applicable today. What about our pets. Just what are we feeding them?

In the last ten years, the focus on healthier all natural and organic dog foods and treats have become not only the topic of discussion, but a major industry within the pet world. There is a huge amount of literature available regarding different dog foods and treats, which has had a major impact on dog’s performance ability, as well as their overall health. It goes without saying, that an internally healthier and more active pet will see far fewer trips to the veterinarian’s office. There is no doubt that the healthier and all natural or organic product can and do cost more, but many are seeing it as a worth while upfront cost.

Let’s face it, in the majority of cases our pets are like our children, and when they get sick we want to do the right thing by them. Many times these illnesses can lead to large and sometimes staggering vet bills. The debate on whether an all natural or organic diet improves the quality and extends the life of your pet seems to have been put to rest some time ago. The question is who has the products we seek as pet owners. Well in the food category (our personal opinion) would be Nutro Naturals Dog Foods. Without question, we have noticed visible differences in our dogs, no if’s and’s or but’s. With regard to dog treats there are many more choices, and we feel that these are a very important area because treats are normally given in frequent intervals when training or praising our pets. These are also products when given liberally, can put on the most amount of weight and can cause issues with food sensitive or food allergic dogs.

Animal Nutrition Solutions is dedicated to providing you, as a consumer, the education tools you need to make smart decisions when it comes to the nutrition of your dog or horse. We want you to understand our feed labels, as well as competitors, and be able to make an educated decision regarding what your dog or horse needs and what he/she doesn’t. Animal Nutrition Solutions is committed to providing the best available nutrition to your dog or horse, to supplement what is lacking from commercial feeds.  We use the highest quality ingredients in our supplements with the necessary amounts per dose to have the highest efficacy. A new supplement line has recently been released, featuring CANINE GOLD for dogs and Equine Mineral Balancer and Equine Mineral Balancer with Joint Support for horses.