Heather Zorn, P.A.S

It’s a well known fact that America is a little large in the middle and the evidence seems to point to the fact that Fido maybe a little too plump as well. Because our pets can’t make their own food selections, the fault falls solely on us as the owners. In most cases, it is simply love that creates the problem and while most owners have good intentions, they may be too good. One way to combat this problem, besides the obvious answer of proper exercise, is to examine the pet’s diet.

In recent years, there is a huge push for all natural and organic food products for pet owners. Many companies have answered the call with ingredients that are all natural or organic, without all the fillers and by-products that are commonly found in the large company, mass produced commercial lines. Private companies are filling a market that is growing by the day and are having great results with their customer’s pets.
One such company, Animal Nutrition Solutions, is seeing considerable growth from health conscious consumers. The company is producing a food supplement designed to address the deficiency issues from large scale commercial food diets. The company’s online storefront is packed with information, ingredients and photos for all of it products currently being offered to the public.

Don’t let your pooch get pudgy! Get their diet under control before it’s too late, and help avoid health issues in the future.