By Heather Zorn P.A.S.

Day in, day out, your pet relies on your knowledge to keep him/her healthy, so why not live up to the expectation your pet has for you year round?

Make 2014 a year devoted to educating yourself to improve the health and longevity of your pets!

Chat with your veterinarian about what you can do to keep your pets healthy

Take an online course in whatever topic interests you- there are many out there to choose from, so take one based in scientific research, not a course offered by a major feed company to ensure you are getting the most unbiased opinions and research

Enroll in a training class, whether it be for horses or dogs, trainers are plentiful!  Choose a trainer that you and your animal are both comfortable with, and one who teaches in a manner that is kind and positive.

Learn more about what you are feeding your animals- You are what you eat, so why should your pet be any different?

Consider a nutritional consultation with Animal Nutrition Solutions.  It is important to choose an educated, unbiased nutritionist who does not work for a major feed company.  Your goal should be to understand what to and what NOT to feed your pets, what is the best food on the market, how the performance and activity levels of your pets influence their individual nutritional needs.  A “nutritionist” from a major feed company is generally certified by taking classes through their own feed company’s programs and can only recommend products their employing company offers.

Read a book based on the topic that interests you most- Raw feeding, Equine nutrition, Herbs and herbal remedies, Training…there are millions to choose from!  Read from authors with differing opinions to find out which you find most agreeable to your own situation and customize a plan for your own pets.

Animal Nutrition Solutions wants your pets to live the longest, healthiest life they can!  Our own canine and equine nutritionist does affordable consultations to help you understand what your pet needs in terms of nutrition, and best of all- answers WHY!

Animal Nutrition Soultions Equine and Canine Consulting emphasizes client education over all else. It is our goal to have you understand the reason for our recommendations, achieving the best health for your animals, as well as ensuring that our clients become educated consumers to make good choices when purchasing animal feed and supplements. Since we are a private, independently owned company, we are not limited in our recommendations and suggestions by name brands and preferred dealers. We are not compensated by any company, instead we work for you! Your pet’s best health is our top priority.

We work primarily by referral basis, from both large and animal veterinarian referrals to farriers and clinicians and pet owners. Our rates are kept low to ensure that we are able to help the most amount of owners and animals possible. Consulting services for both horse and dog nutrition are offered to our clients.