Canine Gold Supplement

Canine Gold Supplement


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A specially formulated supplement to provide essential ingredients lacking in commercial dog food, complete with Joint Support to benefit dogs of all ages and sizes.


  • A specially formulated supplement to provide essential ingredients lacking in commercial dog food
  • Complete with Joint Support to benefit dogs of all ages and sizes
  • Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to improve and maintain the health of your dog!
  • Natural Beef flavor for easier palatability
  • No fillers or by-products, so you can feed less at a greater concentration and save money
  • Flax seed base provides Omega 3’s which are lost in dog food during the cooking process.
  • Just 51cents a day for a 50 pound dog. 1lb will last a 50lb dog for 2 months.
  • If you have multiple dogs and want to save money on shipping, order our 2 lb bag for your convenience and save an additional $3.00!
  • All of Animal Nutrition Solutions supplements are Private Labeled specifically for our clients. Ingredients are subject to change, based on consultation review of the nutritional needs of the individual dog


FLAX SEED: High in Omega 3’s, crucial to good brain & nerve function.

  • Omega 3’s help with arthritis and other pain, due to reducing inflammation
  • Provides a good source of fiber for intestinal health
  • Can help improve hair and skin condition
  • Listed as an ingredient in some dog foods. However, Omega 3’s are unstable and fragile and cannot withstand the cooking process, rendering them ineffective. Animal Nutrition Solutions Canine Gold uses a more expensive (but worth it!) cold-pressed, stabilized version, which locks the Omega 3’s in and does not require refrigeration.

VITAMIN C: Responsible for helping to build and maintain tissues, bones, blood and skin, as well as strengthening the immune system

  • An essential ingredient (meaning the body does not manufacture it), so it must be obtained through food sources, ie. fruits and vegetables, or through supplements
  • A strong antioxidant that block damage caused by free radicals, which are by-products that result when the body transforms food into energy
  • Shown to fight cancer by protecting healthy cells from free-radical damage inhibiting the proliferation of cancerous cells
  • Needed for the production of collagen in the connective tissue. Collagen is the glue that strengthens muscles and blood vessels
  • Essential for the healing of wounds and the repair and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth

CHONDROITIN: Helps maintain the integrity and resilience of cartilage by inhibiting the actions of enzymes that break down cartilage

  • Used by the body to make new bone, cartilage and tendons, as well as repairing existing damage
  • Potent anti-inflammatory that enhances blood circulation and strengthens connective joint tissue
  • Human-grade Glucosamine that is cleaner and more potent than animal-grade, used in other supplements

GLUCOSAMINE-HCL: We only use Human-grade Glucosamine, which is not only cleaner and more potent than animal grade, but is also NOT derived from animal bone marrow, where animal-grade Glucosamine is sourced.

  • Helps repair and treat damaged arthritic joints, reduces pain and replenishes synovial fluid
  • Easily absorbed into the bloodstream and is important in the formation and development of eyes, skin, bones, ligaments and parts of the heart
  • Effective at minimizing the symptoms associated with joint dysfunction and is well tolerated
  • Significantly improves joint mobility by reducing pain and tenderness

ALPHA-LYPOIC ACID (ALA): A fatty acid with powerful antioxidant properties found in fresh meat and leafy green vegetables that neutralizes a wide variety of free radicals circulating through the body

  • Often referred to as the metabolic antioxidant, it is both fat and water soluble, enabling it to work throughout the body
  • Works together with Vitamin C to fight cell damage and rid the body of harmful substances
  • Natural production lessens with age, so supplementation is shown to help slow the aging process
  • Important role in the body’s main process for burning carbohydrates into energy
  • Used in the treatment of cancer, cataracts, glaucoma, and heart disease

MILK THISTLE: An herb used for thousands of years to improve the liver’s ability to eliminate toxins from the body

  • Repairs damage to the liver caused by ingestion of toxins, chemicals, and medications
  • New research has shown that the herb boosts the body’s production of its own powerful antioxidant glutathione, which the liver uses to detoxify and metabolize harmful substances
  • A powerful antioxidant
  • Useful in treating anti-inflammatory conditions

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