Nutritional Consulting

Animal Nutrition Solutions Canine Consulting emphasizes client education over all else. It is our goal to have you understand the reason for our recommendations, achieving the best health for your animals, as well as ensuring that our clients become educated consumers to make good choices when purchasing animal feed and supplements. Since we are a private, independently owned company we are not limited in our recommendations and suggestions by name brands and preferred dealers. We are not compensated by any company, instead we work for you! Your dog’s best health is our top priority.

Feeding your dog doesn’t have to be complicated. We will help you understand what a dog is designed to eat, give you insight to the commercial dog food industry and how to choose the best one, and educate you on the benefits of incorporating fresh foods into your dog’s diet plan.

We work primarily by referral basis, from both large and small animal veterinarian referrals to clinicians and pet owners. Our rates are kept low to ensure that we are able to help the greatest number of owners and animals possible.

After checkout you will receive an invoice that includes a link to download a history form. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and give as much detail as you are able. The small details are similar to pieces of a puzzle in filling in the missing pieces to make a full picture of your dog’s health.

Consulting Package Includes and the steps for building a BALANCED diet are :

  • Analyzing your current diet plan based on your specific dog’s health and performance requirements
  • Educating the client on a dog’s actual needs and ability or inability to digest specific ingredients. Helping you understand why what you are feeding may be driving specific health problems or issues
  • Calculate energy requirements, depending on age & workload, targeting your dog’s specific needs and activity levels
  • Calculate protein & calories to ensure your diet provides sufficient energy and calories for your dog’s activity level and general maintenance, as well as considerations for weight loss or gain, depending on need
  • Ensuring your dog is consuming the proper levels of vitamins and minerals according to NRC guidelines and supplemental suggestions based on need
  • Consulting is based upon either a commercial diet, a raw diet, or a combination


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