Nutritional Consulting

Animal Nutrition Solution Equine Consulting emphasizes client education over all else. It is our goal to have you understand the reason for our recommendations, achieving the best health for your animals, as well as ensuring that our clients become educated consumers to make good choices when purchasing animal feed and supplements. Since we are a private, independently owned company we are not limited in our recommendations and suggestions by name brands and preferred dealers. We are not compensated by any company, instead we work for you! Your horse’s best health is our top priority.

Any and all questions you have concerning your horse’s nutrition will be answered. It is helpful and recommended to keep a log or journal, not only to document your horse’s recovery but also to keep track of questions or concerns you may have.

Scientific research is paramount for all of our recommendations. We carefully review all products and do not recommend products without sound scientific research and trials, but we also discourage the use of products which use “proprietary” blends and recipes and do not fully disclose their ingredient list. You cannot make a good judgement on a product without knowing the benefits and side effects of each and every ingredient, as well as knowing fully how they interact with one another.

We work primarily by referral basis, from both large and small animal veterinarian referrals to farriers, clinicians, and pet owners. Our rates are kept low to ensure that we are able to help the most greatest number of owners and animals possible.

After checkout you will receive an invoice that includes a link to download a history form. Please fill it out to the best of your ability and include blood work, testing, hay analyses, or any other pertinent information. Please give as much detail as you are able. The small details are similar to pieces of a puzzle in filling in the missing pieces to make a full picture of your horse’s health. In the case of metabolic/Cushing’s horses, please be very specific on exactly what you are feeding and the frequency and length of laminitis or founder episodes.

Consulting Packages Include and the steps for building a BALANCED diet based primarily on forage are:

  • Instruction and tools for testing and analyzing hay for specific mineral imbalances
  • A comprehensive review on reading and interpreting your own hay/feed analysis.
  • Helping you understand how specific imbalances may be driving health concerns, poor condition or performance, and potential metabolic disorders. Education on how to limit these or correct the diet
  • Calculate energy requirements in pounds per day, depending on age & workload, targeting your horse’s specific needs
  • Calculate protein & Mcals to ensure your forage provides sufficient energy and calories for your horse’s level of work and general maintenance
  • Calculate and balance minerals based on NRC guidelines, along with helping you understand how these balances work.
  • Understanding the importance of adhering to a custom diet to reduce risks of laminitis and/or founder for metabolic horses
  • Review of supplements based on current and custom diet plan, to determine if supplementation is necessary
  • Lessons on how to read and understand labels and education on ingredients, allowing you can make better choices when it comes to your horse’s nutrition


There are three tiers to choose from, depending on the needs of an individual horse owner to a large operation.


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